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The 2015 Service Hydraulics Speed Championship Review


With the publishing of the final results, the 2015 Service Hydraulics Speed Championship drew to a close.

The 2015 season was fascinating and for many, was a story of “woulda, coulda, shoulda” but the Committee would like to say a big thank you to all our competitors, organising clubs and most of all the marshalls for their support in 2015.

The season had barely started when defending champion Matt Carter suffered serious injury in a motorcycle accident (think once, think twice, think bike guys and gals!) which put him out of action for much of the season. Happily Matt made a full recovery and was back out later in the season.

In Class 1A, Ian Perry in his Rover 25 was continuing to improve and score well throughout the season which would ultimately reward him with the overall class win and 10th overall in the championship. Work commitments may hamper Ian’s 2016 campaign but we hope to see him out at events next year.

In Class 1B there was again the prospect of a mega battle between the Peugeot of three times champion David West and James Kerr in his Peugeot, both hot on the heels of Fred Currell in the Golf GTi. 2015 also saw the return of former champion and committee chairman Alex Smith to the class.

Dave had suffered through the first half of the season after switching over to a new ECU system and finally tracked the issue down to a sensor placement which was corrected and his season continued unabated. He was in close quarters combat with James Kerr who for most of the season had bested Dave and their battle was to go right down to the wire with the final scores showing Dave West just in front to take 2nd overall in class and 12th overall in the championship.

Early season promise came from Deryck Jones in his 205 GTi but his (like James) Harewood commitments kept him from figuring strongly in the championship. There was also improvement from the Clio Cup pairing of Richard Jenkins and Geoff Hedges but some mid season gremlins robbed them of points at Shelsey Walsh.

Fred Currells late start to the season saw him come out fighting but he did his level best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory firstly fracturing his wrist in May loosing him time and then taking what could only be described as an early pit stop for tyres at School Corner at Anglesey. The fact that the tyres formed a barrier meant that some judicious use of tank tape was required to hold the car together for the remainder of the weekend. Ultimately he came out on top to take the overall class win and take his 3rd championship title.

Class 1C 2wd saw the determined Andrew Hollis in his BMW Compact join the chase for glory and he very nearly delivered. With no major mistakes, but some mechanical issues he will be one to watch in 2016. He was gamely chased by Perrott! Aaron Perrott, in the Aston Martin Vantage V8, which for a standard and heavy car showed remarkable pace at MIRA and Aintree.

Class1C 4wd was again dominated by Andrew Cottrill winning the class and taking both 5th overall in the Championship as well as highest placed driver of a road car. We cant help but feel that if Andrew focussed on a single championship he could very well have been a title contender again this season. His Subaru faced some stiff opposition this year from Justin Andrews in the HSA Championship and again Shelsley Walsh was the scene of another devastating display of Andrews talent.

Andrew tested his new project at Curborough late in the season and despite things not going to plan he will figure strongly again in 2016. The other notable performance in the class came from Andrew Meeks son Geraint who not only took his maiden Loton Park victory but went sub 60 sec in the family Subaru which is no mean feat.

In Class 2A Simon Radnor seemed to have it all sewn up with Richard Abraham giving chase and George Newrick a strong 3rd in class. Ex Harewood Champion Daniel Hollis was enjoying getting to grips with his Caterham in the class, selling both his Integra and Nissan. What will he do with all that spare cash?

In class 2B 2014 Championship runner up Chris Howard Harris was flying but finding it difficult to consistently improve on his records from the previous season and with a head gasket issue at a critical point in both his SHSC and HSA championship season was on his back foot but never the less aced his class and finished 6th overall in the championship.

In Class 2E for those pesky Elises the absence of Sarah Bosworth saw Paul Jones outscore Ben Burggraaf overall however having not completed the required number of events the class went to Ben.

Martin D Deppers desire to chase around in circles meant that Mike Gallery had a lonely time in class 3A in his nicely prepared Morris Mini but never the less scored well and took the pre 1975 award. Interestingly both he and David West had competed earlier on in the year at the St Goueno Hillclimb in France with the latter also making an appearance at the Chateau Impney Hillclimb in his championship winning Mini Cooper s

In Class 3B Rod Wheat took the overall class win in his Ford Puma. The car having a really nice howl as it made its way around many of the events this year both car and driver obviously going well. Adrian Crawleys challenge ended at Snetterton with a damaged engine……don’t we know how that feels.

In class 3C a blitzkrieg was unleashed by the Westwood Panzer Division with Major Duncan Von Andrews dominating the class in his Tiger……sorry Porsche Cayman. Duncan has been developing this car and it is already looking and sounding the business and with more serious development planned for the winter we will keep an eye on him as he perhaps challenges more readily in the Midland Hillclimb Championship although we hope he finds time to come out and play in the SHSC.

Class 3F saw an overall class win and 7th overall for Steve Brown in his Westfield Megabusa, hotly followed by Stuart Bickley and his Sylva Phoenix 2nd in class.

Class 3G was a lonely affair for Jonathan Woolfitt none the less scoring enough to claim 9th overall in the championship.

Making the most of Matt Carters absence, David Large took a convincing win in his Radical PR6 from Steve Brennan in Class 4A although as Matt was also entered in Class 5C with a force PT is was difficult to know if he would have tried to come first and second overall in the championship this year.

Class 4B was very lonely for Luke Trotman and the same for Paul Woolfitt although like many others the latter scored very well to claim 4th overall in the championship and highest placed driver of a race prepared car.

Class 5A was a David v Goliath performance by Bradley Hobday. His giant killing performances in his little Jedi were in no small part down to his spirited driving and what he lost on the straights he more than made up for in the corners literally backing the car into the corner to maximise his time.

Had Bradleys Hill performances been as good who knows what the result might have been.. Bradley admitted at Gurston that he is more at home where there is space to let the car move around. Still, he finished 2nd overall in the championship and took the single seater league. Lets see what next year brings for him.

Chris Jones had forgotten he normally drives a Westfield and was in a Force PT and some very strong performances towards the end of the year suggested that if he hadn’t lost time learning the car he may have been up with Bradley Hobday finishing 2nd in class and 3rd in the single seater league.

Charlie Reilly was another to suffer a poor class entry but was nicely into 4th place in the single seater league.

Class 5C and 4 times champion Gary Thomas was seen to be putting in some major mileage and hours travelling to and from events. His reward was 8th overall in the championship and 2nd in the single seater league.

Class 5D was to be taken by Martin Webb. John and Emma Williams were enjoying their last hoorah in the Ralt which was sold at the end of the season and it is difficult to imagine either of them in anything but a single seater, however we hope that both find their way back to the championship perhaps in another class.

And finally……..Class 6A belonged to Eco Warrior Jeff Allan in the Mitsubishi MiEV.

A far cry from the Mitsubishis we normally associate with the sport but Jeff has been VERY quietly setting a pace improving the previous times from last year.

Now Jeff had a bit of an issue earlier in the year when he left Loton Park in between runs to charge the car in Shrewsbury. Having forgotten to inform the clerk of the course he was excluded from the event. This was further compounded by the fact that he had forgotten his charging leads.

Now whilst it may seem this is taking the ‘Michael’ a little, can I say that he has recently purchased a Tesla which is claimed to be the fastest accelerating sedan on the market coming with either “Insane Mode” or “Ludicrous Mode”. We understand that Jeff went for the latter. What Space Balls fan wouldn’t. To end the story, Jeff and his son recently broke the Worlds record for getting from Lands End to John’O’Groats in an electric vehicle and it wasn’t slow.  Well done Jeff.

The 2016 Championship promises to provide even closer competition and an unrivalled calendar.


During 2015, the Committee has been listening to comments in the paddock and on forums and making observations of the championship in general with a view to exploring ways in which to improve.

This has resulted in a few tweaks to the existing rules and regulations designed to keep the competition closer within classes but also to avoid any one class or driver dominating the championship.

The scoring system is being tweaked to provide closer competition in classes as set out below

Each class winner will receive 20.50 points, 2nd place will receive 20.00 points regardless of the time difference between 1st and 2nd place with 3rd place and beyond receiving 20 points minus the time difference to the 2nd place time and their own.

An additional .50 points will be awarded to any competitor who gets within 2% of the Target Time.

Bonus points will be awarded to anyone who beats the Target Time up to a maximum of .50 points.

Target Times for each class and venue will be published at the beginning of the season but will be reset after any event where the target time is broken throughout the season which will be published on the website.

As before, a competitors best 8 scores (including any additional points for getting within 2% of the target time for those events only) will count toward their overall score. In addition, all bonus points scored for beating the target time throughout the season will be added to a competitors overall score.

The points scored for getting within 2% of a Target Time will no longer be considered bonus points.


As you will know the MSA has now published its revised tyre list for 2016 and the Committee, in consultation with other Championships and Clubs across the country has decided that this provides an ideal opportunity for us to align ourselves with other Championships and Clubs and bring parity to regulations and stop a two tier system particular for classes 1A, 1B and 1C.

In order to ensure that Cars in classes 1A, 1B and 1C 2/4wd do not gain an unfair advantage, a calculated equivalence will be added to the target times where applicable.

Competitors are asked to take note of the conditions under which certain tyres on list 1B can be used and these will be strictly enforced by the championship and in cases of eligibility, the competitors will be asked to provide official manufacturers brochure and specification as proof of eligibility especially where this relates to the conditions for use of tyres listed in 1B.

The Electric Car Class 6A will now be split into two classes.

Class 6A Electric cars up to 100kw Maximum Power

Class 6B Electric cars over 100kw Maximum Power

This step has been taken to encourage entries of other electric cars and to provide a fairer split between cars with differing power outputs.

Target times will be estimated for the over 100kw class and where no record exists for the under 100kw class these will also be estimated.

The regulation’s will be published in more detail on our website once they have been ratified by the MSA and we  hope that these small changes improve the show for 2016.

Congratulations to all our award winners and we look forward to the new season and seeing everyone at our annual awards dinner.



The final award results are below.

2015 Final Overall Results V2



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National speed championship consisting of hillclimbs and sprints open to both National A and B licence holders.

The best 8 scores are taken for the final championship and class positions.

A minimum of 5 events, which should include a minimum of 2 hillclimbs and 2 sprints, are required to be eligible for championship awards.

The 2015 season championship had 36 events over a wide range of types of circuits and venues.

£35 is all it costs for combined registration and membership for the 2015 season.

2015 locations







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Target Times

Please see the regs and entry page for the target times. These are national records wherever possible although there are instances where some records have been set by cars which do not comply with our technical regulations. In these cases we have taken a time set by a car which does comply with our regs.


National Speed Championship

Published December 14, 2012

The Service Hydraulics Speed Championship is seen by many as the  National Speed Championship for mainland UK.

We are looking to cover all regions as far as competitor demand drives us. If you have any comments or queries please contact the co ordinator or secretary from the contact page.