The Toyo Tires Midland Speed Championship – What is it?

The Toyo Tires Midland Speed Championship is a motorsport championship consisting of speed events – Sprints and Hillclimbs – based around the Midlands of England.

Speed events are type of grassroots motorsport enjoyed by thousands of amateur drivers across the UK. In a speed event, competitors take turns to drive their cars along a metalled track from a standing start to a flying finish. Cars are spaced so that no driver will interfere with the run of another. It is simply about who can drive fastest on an open road. Each competitor gets two runs, with only the fastest run counting.

The basic difference between a sprint and a hillclimb is that sprints take place on the level while hillclimbs involve climbing a hill. This simple explanation disguises a rather greater difference in practice. Many sprints take place on motor-racing circuits or closed airfields, so that the tracks are wide and the bends open with plenty of space to run-off. Hillclimbs tend to take place in country parks or farms with narrow roads and tight bends, with little or no room for error.

Competing cars vary from standard unmodified road cars, through road cars with varying degrees of modification, up to purpose built racing cars, some with ex-Formula 1 engines.


This web-site

The Calendar page gives the dates and venues of all qualifying rounds of the championship.

The Venues pages give basic information about the venues of all the championship rounds, with links to the home-pages of the venues and organising clubs.

The Sponsors page gives information about our sponsors.

The Regulations page allows the complete supplementary regulations for the Midland Speed Championship, including the entry form, to be downloaded in PDF format.

The Results pages give a complete record of all the championship scores, with points scored at each round, current standings and details of low scores dropped by competitors who have scored in more than eight events. The results can be downloaded in pdf format for printing.

The Links page contains links to websites relating to the Championship and to MotorSports generally.


Interested in competing?

If you have a Speed National A or Non-race National B competition license issued by the MSA then you are eligible to join the Midland Speed club and compete in the Midland Speed Championship. Download the Supplementary Regulations and use the entry form at the back to register for the Championship.

If you don’t have a competition license then your starting point should this or another local motor club. Try the Venues or Links pages on this web-site or the UK motorsport index,

If you have any questions, you can contact the committee by sending an e-mail to