Use of the Exclusion Forms

Some events are not run to our championship classes, and also the interpretation of the regulations is not always consistent from venue to venue. There will be cars at many events that are not registered with the championship that should not be included in the calculation of the championship scores.

Two forms are available for download above which should be used to request that cars be excluded from the calculation of the championship scores. One of these forms is intended for use where the event is not run to Midland Speed Championship classes, and so there may be a number of cars in a class that are obviously not eligible for scoring in the equivalent Championship class. The other form is intended for use when an event is run to Midland Speed Championship regulations, but there is a car in a class that does not conform to our usual interpretation of the regulations.

Where an event is run to Midland Speed Championship regulations and a car is thought to be ineligible for the class in which it is entered, the first recourse should be to inform the officials of the meeting. If the officials of the meeting refuse to act without a protest fee being paid, we may still be prepared to exclude the car from the championship scoring provided that sufficient independent evidence is submitted to us of the car’s ineligibility. The form indicates the type of evidence that we would want to see. However, in the event that someone raises a formal objection to our decision to exclude a car, it may be that we will have to re-instate the car unless a formal protest was made to the officials of the meeting on the day.

When NOT to use the forms

If you feel that a car that is registered in the Toyo Tires Midland Speed Championship is not eligible for the class in which it is entered, you should not use the exclusion forms to deal with this matter. If the event is being run to Midland Speed Championship regulations then you should raise the matter with the Scrutineers or the Clerk of the Course at the event. Otherwise you should contact the Championship Eligibility Scrutineer to inform him of your concerns. If you want the matter dealt with promptly, you should consider making a formal protest using the process described in section O of the Blue Book.



Notes for Competitors

These notes are written chiefly for the benefit of competitors who are new to hillclimbing and sprinting. They give an introduction to how the championship works, and hints on how to make the championship work for you.


Midland Speed Club / Championship Entries

In order to enter the Toyo Tires Midland Speed Championship you must become a member of the Midland Speed Club. The entry form at the back of the regulations allows you to apply for membership of the club and registration in the championship at the same time.

When I receive your entry, I will send you a club membership / championship registration card and a set of championship decals. The decals must be affixed to your car in order for you to qualify to score championship points. Your car should not display the decals of any tyre manufacturer other than out title sponsor, Toyo Tires. You may be required to present your championship registration card when signing in at events which are qualifying rounds of the championship.

I will also send you a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of the competition secretaries for each qualifying round of the championship. You should keep this for future reference in case you need to contact any of the organizing clubs directly during the season.


Qualifying Rounds

The Midland Speed Club is not directly responsible for the organization of any of the qualifying rounds of the championship. Registering as a contender in the Midland Speed Championship means that you will be invited by the local organizing motor clubs to submit an entry for each of the qualifying rounds of the championship.

We talk to all of the organizing clubs, and try to arrange that the classes run at each event are as close as possible to the Midland Speed Championship classes. At some events, this is not possible, and the classes run on the day will differ significantly from the Championship classes. In any case, the scores calculated for the Midland Speed Championship will be based on the Championship classes, and not the classes run on the day.

If you find yourself competing in a class against a car that you believe should be excluded for the calculation of Midland Speed Championship scores, fill in one of the exclusion forms provided and give it to a committee member or send it to the Championship Coordinator.


Event Regulations

Event regulations are distributed in different ways by different clubs.

  • Many clubs now make their regulations available on their web-sites, so that these can be downloaded and printed by interested competitors.
  • Some clubs will send out regulations to all registered contenders in the championship as a matter of course. I will give your name and address to these clubs so that they can post the regulations to you.
  • Some clubs will send out regulations only to drivers who have competed at an event recently, or who specifically request regulations.

When I acknowledge your entry, I will indicate how each club is going to distribute its event regulations, and when you can expect them to become available. I will also provide the contact details for each of the competition secretaries for each of the qualifying rounds.

Some organizing clubs publish the event regulations for the coming season as early as mid February. So, if you want to be sure of receiving the regulations for every qualifying round, you must get your championship registration to me before the end of January.


Event Entries

The Midland Speed Championship has proved very popular over the last few seasons, with over 150 competitors registered. With most events having a maximum capacity of around 120 competitors, and the Midland Speed Championship being only one of several clubs and championships invited, many events are oversubscribed, and some entries will be refused.

There is no way to guarantee that your entry will be accepted for any individual event, however there are some simple actions that you can take to reduce the chances of your entry being refused:

  • Apply early. With some events having part of the entry accepted on a first-come first-served basis, sending your entry off as soon as the regulations allow (which is often as soon as you receive the regulations) may get you an entry on this basis. Be aware that regular contenders in the Midland Speed Championship know about this and do it as a matter of course.
  • Fill in the entry form correctly. This seems a bit obvious, but the club competition secretaries tell me that the first entries to be rejected when an event is oversubscribed are those where the entry form was not correctly filled in, or the wrong class was entered.
  • Remember to include your cheque and return address labels (if required). Again, don’t give the competition secretaries an easy excuse to reject your entry.



I normally receive the official results about a week after the completion of each event. When I receive the event results, I will calculate the Championship scores as soon as I can, and the scores and standings will be posted on the Championship web-site. There will be a printable report in PDF format that can be downloaded from the web-site after every event.



Briefly, the main things you need to know to get the best out of the championship are:

  • It is a good idea to register for the Championship early, i.e. before the end of January.
  • Send your event entries in early.
  • Take care filling in the entry forms, and remember to include cheques and address labels if required.
  • Results will be posted first on this web-site.
  • You have to indicate on your Championship registration form if you want to receive results bulletins by post.
  • If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact the committee. We will be glad to help in any way we can.
  • Have fun!