Motorsport Speed Championship

Midland Speed is all about motorsport speed races. These exhilarating motorsport connects amateur race enthusiasts in the country. Our website covers speed racing schedule and venue information so avid fans can follow their favorite racers or participate in the race themselves.

We also want to share speed racing to newbies to encourage more people to try or simply enjoy the game. Here are a few tidbits for newcomers to this type of motorsport:


Speed races work by letting a driver cover a challenging track in the fastest way possible. The cars are well-coordinated to prevent one driver from interfering in the course of another. Each participant gets two tries on the race track, but only their fastest time is considered.

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There are two kinds of speed events that we cover—the Sprint and the Climbs.

Sprint is performed in an open-spaced area such as racing circuits or shut-down airfield. The type of venue allows for ample space for movement and turns.

Hillclimbs, as the name connote, is done in farms and the countryside making the race track narrow and difficult tight bend. One wrong move and the racer can end up in the ditch.