April 25, 2019

Finding Contests and Sweepstakes on the Internet


In case you’re like me, you like an excellent contest or sweepstakes. But with numerous online, how are you able to tell all of them apart? I think it is easiest for breaking them down into 3 categories: national brand competitions, affiliate program contests, and site contests. While don’t assume all online contest fits into 1 of those types, most fit well.

National Brand Giveaways

National brand freebies are my favorites. They have a tendency to get the largest payouts with the very least potential for your info for sale. Prizes commonly include vacations, large cash prizes, and automobiles. Additionally, there are generally several smaller gifts additionally to the grand prizes.

Various contest sites gather these national brand contests as well as sweepstakes and get no revenue off of your involvement. The national makes sponsor these contests largely in an attempt to attain brand name recognition and publicity. Many will begin sending you promotions or maybe coupons, but only in case, you check a box that you simply allow it. Apart from the contest directories, you are able to get these contests yourself by going to your favorite national sweepstakes online.

The national brand giveaways might also stay in the form of formula contests or maybe essay contests. Frequently they’re tied to large events like holidays, movie premiers, sporting events, or maybe awards shows. Examples of sponsors of national brand giveaways are Gamble and Procter, Kraft, Oprah, and Disney.


Site Freebies

Smaller companies will usually feature budget contests that are low on their sites as a means of obtaining site visitors. The site freebies are also a method of getting you to register for a newsletter or maybe company distribution list. That’s not to suggest that the contests aren’t really worth entering. In reality, your odds of winning are more likely to be a lot better than with the national brand competitions.

Contest sites directories that include national brand giveaways will usually include most smaller freebie competitions also. A very good illustration of the smaller site freebie is Usborne publications. You are able to find these contests by going to contest directories or just by looking for your favorite kinds of solutions in the search engines with the term “contest.” Chances are excellent you are going to stumble across these on one’s own.

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Survey Signup Contests

Survey contests are another animal entirely. Though these will sometimes offer a national product as the prize, they’re not affiliated in any way with which national brand. You’ve to read the small print on the site carefully.

As much as I am able to tell, the motive behind the survey signup competition is gathering your information for use (usually) by third parties. The downside of these is the fact that you are able to get put into lists in which you are going to receive a great deal of spam (email junk mail). The upside is the fact that you’ll usually receive the opportunity for samples that are free or maybe discounts from vendors. The inspiration on the component of the site directory in which you find the link is common that the site gets paid per amount of entries.

You’ll predominantly find these mentioned in contest sites or together with advertisements. You are able to also look for the term “survey” and your specific area of interest and also you are going to find plenty of them immediately.

Contests in General

The important thing with all these contests is knowing what you’re getting into. Read the print of each and every checkbox on the display before you choose whether it’s worthwhile to get into a contest. All of the kinds of giveaways listed above is genuine when done properly. One suggestion that I give everyone would be to put in place a distinct email account on your contest entries. In the event that you can get positioned on a spam list, you are going to protect your personal or maybe work account for excessive vehicle traffic as well as viruses.