June 20, 2019

Customer Service – Becoming the Next Nordstrom in 4 Steps

Ralphs is among the biggest supermarket chains in Southern California, and maybe, in the whole state.

It’s constantly been a middle-of-the-road functioning. When I was a child, I use to get my Funk & Wagnall’s Encyclopedia volumes there.

Lately, it’s been changing itself, at least that’s, several of its products, into just what it calls “Fresh Fare” shops. As the title indicates, there tend to be more cool and yummy eat-and-run products including salad bar offerings, crab pasta, along with several unusual styles as well.

To usher in the latest converted unit, Ralphs has been operating a little fetching special in its circulars. Barbecue weather is nearby, therefore I’ve been stocking up on excellent meat deals, and also as I’ve I have seen the clerks are trying to be more good to customers.

Nevertheless, like an unexpected rash of kindness which breaks away, it can make you wonder, particularly in case you’re a customer care speaker, instructor, and consultant, as I’m.

When the banners are reduced, as well as the specials are over, the way long will Ralphs be in a position to keep its cheery demeanor?

That’s the secret, seriously, MAINTAINING the bigger service levels that you’ve attained long after the newness of a small business or a shop or maybe a specific purchase or even emerging item has worn off.

Just yesterday, I was talking to a colleague at a semi-rural campus of California State Faculty. She pointed out that natives believe nothing of traveling in their automobiles an hour or maybe a half and one hour to attain a Nordstrom store because, as she set it with all of the self-confidence in the planet, “They feel they are likely to be handled right.”

That is their reputation: An enduring dedication to attaining consumer satisfaction by giving customers coupons at Nordstroms.

What would it take for Ralphs, or maybe some other business, to join Nordstrom’s league?

We have to do 4 essential things:

(1) Monitor service actions plus their impacts continuously. Detect when clients are treated properly and leave happy.

(2) Measure objectively and carefully. Use video to replay the “nonverbal” components of transactions, grimaces, noting smiles, along with additional “tells” on customers’ and employees’ faces.

(3) Manage program as an end in itself, not as a “nice” item to provide, but as the vital item, you are giving you.

(4) Reward employees differentially dependent on their service initiatives and impacts.

I cannot let you know whether Nordstrom is doing most of these items, and frankly, I question it.

But in case you wish to raise your track record to theirs, adopt these measures!